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It is recognized that our photographic service is "optional" to the REALTOR®. Therefore, Photo-Flight associates must always prove themselves as a viable asset for your marketing strategies. Our photographic experience with Real Estate photography is unsurpassed and we get the job done with C.A.R.E!

These services are available to CT Statewide MLS members in good standing. Each service may be ordered On-Line when submitting a listing on MLXCHANGE.

SIMPLY select "Y" (yes) in the "Photo service" field, and then select the appropriate option code(s) in the "Option" Field.

Photo-Flight efficiency is due to its access to MLXCHANGE database.Our office will check MLXCHANGE periodically during the day to search for photo service requests. Since we have access to MLXCHANGE Photo database, we can expeditiously upload all photos that we take for the REALTOR®. This is a GREAT ADVANTAGE to the REALTOR® since we generally can upload the same day that photos are taken (for basic service) and usually 24 hours for deluxe services.

Since we have access to your broker code and public I.D. there are NO forms or paperwork to fill out to order any service We have all the information available to us pertaining to your listing,. We keep it VERY SIMPLE. Billing is customized according to arrangement; however, we do accept Mastercard/Visa /Amex . Your first photo request OPENS YOUR ACCOUNT.

Photo requests can also be made by phone PRIOR to placing a listing. Call 1-860 875-9751 or use the CONTACT US option.

BASIC Photo Service (MLS code BASC).. Greater Hartford only

Exterior Views [additional] (MLS code EXTV).. Greater Hartford only

Deluxe Photo Service (MLS code DELX)

Aerial Photo Service (MLS code ARIL)

Tour Photo Service (MLS code TOUR}

Reprints Photo Service (MLS code RP10)