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Photo-Flight Photographic Services LLC
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Photo-Flight Photographic Services LLC

Deluxe Photo Service




What can you expect with this selection?

  • A timely phone call (same day) to make arrangements for the photo shoot. We will try our best to accommodate your schedule.
  • Usually 25 photos for MLXCHANGE.
  • All images expeditiously uploaded to MLXCHANGE (same day to 48 hours) after image capture.
  • Digital photos sent to Realtor via email (download link).
  • All photography is of a “professional” grade quality and taken with additional exterior diffused flash and wide angle lens.
  • Photos are edited, digitally corrected and enhanced for optimal presentation
  • Panoramic ready stills can be included for the Do-it -yourself tour builders (optional). We recommend vertical stills for Panoramic tours.
  • Professional representation of the Realtor. One of our objectives is not only to impress you, the Realtor, but just as important….YOUR CLIENT!